Machine learning is descending from the cloud to

We design, develop and manufacture custom hardware for your machine learning applications on the edge.
Why? Because we believe in bringing intelligence closer to your data.

Run your machine learning algorithms on your custom designed hardware on the edge.

If your application depends on one or more of these requirements, edge devices are vital for you.

Industrial Control & Instrumentalization

Your applications won't have to rely on cloud that brings significant latency.

Specialized Computation

Your data doesn't have to leave your product so your applications will be privacy conscious.

Machine Learning
No connection need

Your business will also operate where internet connection is not available.

Low power
Low power

Your product will be able to work off battery for months.

Why do you need a hardware partner for machine learning applications on the edge?

We keep track of this aggressively evolving domain and make sure that an application gets its perfect hardware implementation.

We know the ecosystem

The ecosystem for machine learning on the edge is growing rapidly on multiple fronts. Navigating in this ecosystem requires a knowledgeable partner.

Our knowledge of the ecosystem guides you through:

  • Numerous machine learning accelerating chips
  • Diverse architectures of these chips
  • Optimizers and compilers for different architectures
  • Various development environments and frameworks

We have the expertise

Designing a device for machine learning on the edge requires expertise in several engineering disciplines:

  • Low power electronics for battery powered devices
  • Thermal management for high performance
  • Radio frequency for connected devices
  • Analog design for sensors

We create final products

Our design turns into your final product.
Turning your novel idea into a product requires attention to:

  • System engineering
  • UX engineering
  • Safety and security
  • Environmental conditions

We handle manufacturing

When all is designed and ready, manufacturing is still an issue to tackle. Product design gains a lot from healthy and constant relationship between the designer and manufacturer for:

  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for maintainability
  • Component traceability
  • Testing and programming

We either produce through our strong manufacturing partners or accompany your manufacturing preferences. Either way, you receive your boxed product, ready to implement.

We love to talk design.

That is why we offer a free 1-hour consultation session. Are you a:

Machine Learning

Corporation looking for ML solutions

Machine Learning

Startup with ML in business core

Machine Learning

Or a freelancer with an idea

Let's discuss how you can run your business idea as a machine learning application on the edge.

You focus on your business and data, while we construct your product.

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Our young and agile team is based in High Tech Campus in Eindhoven alongside Europe's hardware technology giants, where we continuously get inspired and contribute to the future. We would love to get in touch. Give us a call at:

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