Grus designs custom embedded electronics solutions.

Grus is active in the complete design chain ranging from enclosure design to its deployment and field support.

We start with proper system engineering and produce turn-key solutions for our customers' specific industrial needs.

A dedicated team for embedded electronics design projects in several industries.

We have a strong track record in automotive, telecommunications, defense, retail, energy and manufacturing industries.
We know the specific requirements of each of these industries, and can adapt rapidly for a particular solution.

Our engineering expertise

Industrial Control & Instrumentalization
Industrial Control & Instrumentalization

Modules that measure, control and supervise for industrial applications in harsh environments.

Specialized Computation
Specialized Computation

Customized computing power in unconventional and stringent environments for demanding applications, machine learning and edge computing.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Embedded systems utilizing machine learning for on-premise privacy conscious applications.

Connected Devices
Connected Devices

Decentralized, interconnected screens, sensors, control units that can be remotely managed.


Computer networking devices for specialized, security conscious or performance demanding applications.

Power Electronics
Power Electronics

Modules for power conversion, supply and storage with management and monitoring.

How we work

We start with system engineering.

We select from many different system engineering disciplines, reveal the system requirements and make a high level hardware and software design. From these, we craft system and integration test plans.

We design and develop.

Then, if necessary, we do the detailed design of the system. We make sure that it covers the high level design fully, and implement unit testing. From the detailed design, we do the schematic design and software development.

We create prototypes.

We integrate and verify the system with the relevant test plan at every stage. We finally manufacture prototypes for our customers to have a test run. This provides them to be able to work on the native device, and eliminate integration problems early on.

We deliver the final product.

After prototyping, if required, we handle manufacturing through our trusted partners, ship the mass-produced device compatible to the requirements indicated during system engineering.

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Our young and agile team is based in High Tech Campus in Eindhoven alongside Europe's hardware technology giants, where we continuously get inspired and contribute to the future. We would love to get in touch. Give us a call at:

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